jerry sampson


Jerry Sampson is a screenwriter and the Editor. Her love for film and horror has led her to explore and question the darkness that lies in every corner of human existence. She finds catharsis in writing, reading and watching sinister stories that haunt and terrify. Her current screenplay explores ancestral karma through supernatural horror. She is also currently scouting for the upcoming Issue 004 of Buckman Journal.


ellen robinette

Art director

Ellen is the Art Director for the Buckman Journal. She occupies the space between artist & designer, both in her personal practice & professional career. Her work focuses primarily on color, material textures, & pattern - her favorite of which is stripes. When not absorbed in projects inside, she enjoys venturing outdoors to walk aimlessly. She is fueled primarily by strong coffee, cheap red wine, & anything sweet.


jodie beechem

book design

Jodie is an illustrator, designer, and Oregonian, with a work ethic to match. She is constantly inspired by science fiction, art history, and anything remotely spooky. When she’s not being creative, she’s usually either watching live music at a local venue or is at an arcade playing pinball.
jodiebeechem.com @jodiebeechem


emmi greer

operations manager


Emmi Greer is a poet, filmmaker, and hybrid-genre artist. You can find her eating, reading, smelling flowers until she sneezes, or dancing at a show with her eyes closed.

emmi bio photo.jpg

emile the intern

paid intern

Coffee, dry cleaning runner.


raechel wolfe

art director, producer, buckman journal 001 and 002

We are indebted to Raechel for setting the tone of Buckman Journal.