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The savviest writers. The sharpest artists.

Sending scouts deep into the Portland, Oregon, literature and arts scene, Buckman Journal brings together the city’s exceptional talent and presents them to the greater world. Delivered with gusto and cutting visuals, the printed medium is very much alive in Buckman.

The cover for Buckman Journal 002 features a collaboration between John Gourley, who fronts Portugal. The Man, with photographer Hattie Watson. Inside: An excerpt from the novel Kickdown by award winning author Rebecca Clarren; a selection of poems by one of the form’s rising stars, Liz Lampman, paired with the art of Jessica Poundstone; comics by Sketchy People; and a wealth of short stories, memoirs, essays, flash fiction, and art, all made by Portlanders!

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Photo by Brendon Burton @burtoo

Photo by Brendon Burton @burtoo


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